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May 23 2018

Y'a des gens qui font des artworks sublimes sur Tumblr et comme je suis en mode à vif émotionnellement ça me donne un amour sans bornes pour les humains de voir que des gens ont ça à l'intérieur d'eux c'est juste extraordinaire je me sens ému comme une bourgeoise vieille devant un Monet mais quand même, c'est ouf.

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“Daddy avec 2 d”

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I thought this was a good opportunity to reflect on my trip to Peru where I learned of the Virgin of the Mountain. #metsona @yangtian_li Here’s mine.😊

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Sort of storyboard I’m working on

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Help the fish

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Uf uf 💧



im so mad i cant find that moose literally going 100 mph thru snow gif

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Kerry Callen Appreciation Post


Kerry Callen is a comic artist and blogger who draws parodies and comics in the style of old comic books. You’re probably familiar with a few of his works.

And of course, the iconic

I’ve seen a lot of his comics around on tumblr but never credited back to him and I just discovered he is the source so I’m posting this appreciation post here.

Here’s his blog

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Fun fact: that dolphin is doing that to get high.

He’s WHAT?

Yeah. Dolphins deliberately prick themselves on blowfish to get a small dose of their poison which makes them high.

Dolphins are stoners? Im not even surprised


why would i fuck a demon? simple, the status. imagine rolling up into hell already havin had ur back blown out by one of their own. imagine you and a gang of other losers standin at the gates of hell, they’re all crying, scared to death about having a pitchfork up their ass for eternity and you just walk into the arms of your sugar demon? legendary.

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Котенок на гигантской кувшинке. Филиппины, 1935 г….

“kitten on a gigantic lilypad, Philippines, 1935….”

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theyre talking about a moose

Zookeeper conversations out of context…

Look if the 7 feet tall murder deer wants a little confidence you better give it to her before she caves in your chest.

May 22 2018

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my favourite thing about buying books secondhand is finding the things people used as bookmarks in books that they never finished. here’s some of my favourite things that i’ve found!

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